Always, ALWAYS check your gear!

This is going to be a short post – but no real embellishment is necessary to drive this point home.  If you make a change to your rig, always, Always, ALWAYS check your gear before you go to a match!!!

Before going to a local Steel Challenge match, I changed a LOT of things on my open gun.  I changed the optic mount, the optic, the position of the thumb rest, the safety, the hammer, and the trigger internals.  I function checked every single piece in dry fire and live fire – MULTIPLE TIMES…


…the adjustment set screws on my new C-More.

After zeroing the dot, I did not fully tighten the set screws on the optic.  Fast forward to my 2nd stage of the Steel Challenge match – Showdown.  First plate – *DING!*  Second (large) plate – my dot was middle dead-center of the plate and… whiff.  Follow-up shot – whiff.  I start shooting and moving the dot all over the place to try and find the hits.  Finally, I held at the 2×4 holding the plate up – *DING!*

I didn’t have my hex set, and nobody else I knew had one either.  It had to be the single most frustrating day of shooting I’ve ever had.  I was so annoyed that I decided not to waste any more ammo so I did not complete the match.

Never let it happen to you – it sucks.

Purchasing from Infinity Firearms

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So recently, I put down a deposit on an Infinity IMM Open Gun. For those who have never purchased from Brandon @ Infinity before – I can honestly say that the whole experience has been first class!

On the way to the 3GN Pro Series Qualifier, I visited some friends in Dallas. I thought: “Since Infinity is only an hour or so from where my friends live, why don’t I stop by?” Glad I did. (NOTE: you will need an appointment to be able to get into the facility)

Brandon (the owner) took an a good bit of time out of his day to answer all of my questions – anything port holes to mag-wells, he was very patient, and walked me through everything.  He took time to explain what things on the gun were important functionally (slide racker, # of port holes, compensators and dot traceability, etc), what loads to use with the gun, etc.   There are so many different facets to an open gun that I, being new to the open division, would not have even thought about, and he helped me through the whole process.

The best part about meeting him in person was that I got to physically see and hold all of the different grips, trigger guard cut-outs, cuts/serrations/designs, etc.  This really helped he and I figure out what grip would be most comfortable, what size and shape trigger would be best for me,  and so on.  Ultimately, we were able to decide on  the characteristics of an open gun that are specifically what *I* need in an open gun.

If any of you are new to the open platform like I am, and you are looking for a truly custom gun coupled with fantastic customer service – you need to call Infinity… and visit if possible.  Don’t worry if you are not able to visit, though – just pick up the phone and call him.  He’ll give you the same treatment that he gave me in person.  It’s like getting a custom-tailored suit… for your hand… that shoots!

Range report to follow as soon as it comes in!

Vanquish Tactics


As you get into the sport of shooting, you’ll inevitably hear the age old argument about which techniques/games/etc apply to ‘real life.’

Jason at Vanquish Tactics wrote a great article about the subject – you should read it!

He is an excellent shooter.  Follow his blog, and if you can, take some of his classes.

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